5 reasons your Office 365 clients need independent email archiving in 2020

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In the rush to embrace the new bells and whistles that cloud services like Office 365 have to offer, businesses sometimes neglect to read the small print. Particularly when it comes to the topic of backup and archiving.

One thing you can be sure of however, is that in the event of an email being deleted, or worse still, an entire mailbox becoming unavailable, your clients will fully expect somebody has a backup of that data from which they can arrange a restore.For those who haven’t made their own arrangements, the likelihood is they won’t like the answer.

This is because Microsoft, like most of the cloud giants, operate what’s known as a shared responsibilities model.

As you’d expect, they invest heavily into geo redundant and highly sophisticated backup replication, but that’s purely for disaster recovery purposes and maintaining service uptime for the platform’s 155 million users.

It’s not for problems arising from ‘fat fingers’, malicious staff, administrator errors or even ransomware attacks. The responsibility for having another copy of that data lies with your clients.

How can a third-party solution like MailStore Server help?

1)    True independence

A MailStore archive is a complete record of all company email, captured continuously and without any opportunity for user intervention. It is truly independent, and therefore distanced from issues that may affect an Office 365 tenant such as accidental or malicious user actions, administrational errors and ransomware.

2)    Outlook integration for instant self-service

Archiving doesn’t mean slower access for users. Quite the opposite. Staff can access their complete email history (and those of select colleagues if MailStore is configured that way) without ever leaving the familiar Outlook environment.

3)    Access to mail during service outages

Every cloud platform and Internet connection will experience some degree of down time. Office 365 is no different. Enable your clients to minimize disruption by ensuring they still have access to all of their existing email via MailStore. 

4)    A faster alternative to Outlook searching

If staff at the companies you manage are wasting even 15 minutes per day trying to locate email conversations, it doesn’t take long for that to adds up to hundreds of wasted man hours over the course of a year. MailStore offers a fast alternative, enabling users to pinpoint any archived messages and attachments in seconds, regardless of whether they arrived a few minutes, or a few years, prior.

5)    Mailbox and storage size management

Having an unlimited mailbox quota may sound like a terrific idea at the time, but large mailboxes inevitably mean a more sluggish Outlook experience. MailStore automatically purges mailboxes for mail older than a certain age, ensuring Outlook performance remains constant indefinitely. What’s more, by applying message deduplication and attachment compression, the archive storage required is approximately 30% of the source data size (ideal for including in existing backup routines).

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